Capatch® - The Disposable Liquid Volume Tester For Anilox Rolls

What is Capatch®
Developed by Steinhart in the Netherlands, the Capatch® is an ink volume tester for anilox rolls.

This one-time tool provides a fast and reliable method of testing rolls to determine the current ink volume level of the cells

Three easy ways to use Capatch® units are now available:

Low Volume
2 TO 7 CC, 1.25-5 BCM
(Stock# - S2025L)

Medium Volume
5 TO 25 CC, 3-15 BCM
(Stock# - S2025M)

High Volume

15 TO 70CC, 10 to 50 BCM
(Stock# - S2025H)

Compare the results of the test to the roll manufacturer's bcm. This will tell you how effectively the roll is performing and should maintenance or cleaning be required.

Stop Production Losses

In the printing industry, regular testing of the volume of your anilox rolls is crucial to prevent production losses, wear, "doctoring", improper cleaning or a manufacturer fault can result in an incorrect volume. Don't assume that any roll has the correct volume.


Step # 1

Remove the backing from the Capatch.

Step # 2

Place Capatch around the anilox roll, ensuring that it is fully and properly attached.

Step # 3

Use the doctor blade to force the liquid from the capsule towards the scale and read the result.

Step # 4

Remove Capatch from the anilox roll, clean roll.

Use Capatch© To:

• Test the volume of your anilox roll.

• Reduce production downtime.

• Prevent scrap production.

• Schedule roll cleaning.

The Purpose of Capatch®:

The Capatch is "cell pollution trend watcher" and a quick method for measuring volumes of Anilox and Gravure full coating rolls in printing presses. The Capatch has a tolerance of plus or minus 10 percent. Although it might have a similar tolerance to other measurement instruments such as Wyco, Urmi, Ravol and Volugraph, it is not meant to replace them. These methods take 10 to 15 minutes, or longer, to carry out. The Capatch is an additional tool for use in the printing press and gives a rapid reading but with a slightly larger tolerance. It takes no more than two minutes to apply the Capatch correctly.

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