Carbon Fiber

Many web machine operators as well as OEM’s are converting steel rolls to composite fiber rolls. Composite fiber rolls are excellent for not only low wrap tension and high-speed applications but are more resistant to chemicals and acids than conventional metal rolls. Thistle Roller Company offers Carbon Fiber cores with mild steel or aluminum journals or bores. All journals or bores are bonded to core and precision ground for optimum concentricity. Surfaces can be finished to specific Ra / RMS standards. If necessary, the roll can be covered with your choice of elastomers, urethanes or composite elastomer resin covers (including specific durometer). Roll cover selections will vary per application. Composite rolls can also be covered with sleeved FEP/PFA, nickel, plasma-sprayed materials and much more. Carbon Fiber rolls have virtually no limitations on outer diameter or face length.

Contact Thistle Roll Company, the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber rollers, for your next project. Thistle Roller provides “Free Carbon Fiber Quotes” including roll deflection calculations and composite vs. steel comparisons. Regardless if we quote or manufacture your next carbon fiber roll our expertise is always Free of charge.

Carbon Fiber: Advantages over typical used cores:

  • Repairable Core (core damage can be salvageable)
  • 80% Lower Inertia (compared to aluminum and mild steel)
  • 90% Weight Reduction (total weight compared aluminum and mild steel)
  • Non-corrosive Threats (carbon fiber cores have more environmental tolerance)
  • Less Maintenance (reduced cost due to easier handling etc.)
  • Higher Stiffness-to-Weight (formulated for lighter and stiffer core)
  • Shipping (distant customers pay less and receive a higher quality product)
  • Idler and Driven Rolls (most common request - call us for updated info.)
  • NO Face Lengths restrictions (OEM's are making wider webs with less weight)
  • Reduce Roller Vibration (core are manufactured for optimum performance)
  • Increased Bearing Life (less stress to bearings results in fewer changes)

To Cover or Not to Cover?

Each roll has a specific role in every machine. Cover materials are selected based on hardness as well as solvent, abrasion and temperature resistance. Thistle Roller Company has been manufacturing and recovering cores for over 45 years. Carbon fiber cores can be covered with rubber, urethane or various metal build-ups. Thistle Roller will assist you in selecting the best cover for your application. Try our High Performance - Composite Elastomer Compounds with your Carbon Fiber core. It will out perform your current roller! Call for details.

Note: Composite Elastomer Compounds not discussed in detail due to proprietary information.