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Quality and

For its uncomparable uniformity and consistency in processing, real high quality production consistency can be realized.

Ultimate Processing

Positive fluid control by its distinctive system, shaft and roll-pad construction, and the pad material that includes microfiber-elastomer composite enable the level of fluid removable that has been unattainable before.


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Its positive capability to maintain function and remarkable resistance to wear and damages contribute to quality control, stable production and reduction of maintenance cost as well

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composite in

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driving by Masroll

In order to provide utmost running state, quantitative measurement of state and its evaluation, that are systematically accompanied with the recording of data such as servicing histories and operating conditions, are provided in comprehensive manner, in addition to regular dressing and replacement of pad. Technical servicing before and after introduction is also fully supported.

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Thistle Roller Company is the West Coast representative for Masroll Inc.