Millenium Roll Covers

Thistle Roller is proud to introduce the "Millenium Roll Cover". Finally a protective roll cover that will prevent roll impact damage.Studies have shown that our "Millenium Roll Cover" ofers 50 to 125 times the impact protection compare to an unprotected roll. Roll impact damage usually occurs during maintenance, handling and/or storage. Have you experienced accidental roll face damage or edge gouges? Why worry about these possibilities?

Many of our customers have asked us to provide an inexpensive solution for roll impact damages and now the Millenium Roll Cover has been born. Can you afford to wait any longer?



Judge for Yourself:

  • 4" Velcro on front (adjustment needs)
  • 2" Velcro on back (securing roll closed)
  • Edge Protection (optional)
  • Padded lining to resist shock
  • Vinyl Top: resistant to solvents
  • Indoor & Outdoor protection
  • Your Logo (optional)
  • ID Pocket: Q A card or work instructions
  • All covers are custom fit
Thank you for considering our Millenium Protective Roll cover. Our Millenium cover is designed to protect your Rubber rolls, Chrome rolls, Ceramic rolls, Anilox rolls, Gravure rolls, FEP/PFA rolls, Embossing rolls, Rotary dies, Rams and many other delicate covered rolls and cylinders. The benefits are endless: Installed in less than a minute, Very Inexpensive, Protects thousands of dollars, Personal safety and most important - your reason for the purchase.

Cover Yourself From Impact Problems!