Here at Thistle Roller Company we offer laser and mechanically engraved Anilox rolls. If you have any questions regarding line count, screen angle, cell geometry or volume, our seasoned customer service team will help you see clearly through the ink.

We understand quality and cost issues. Thistle Roller Company offers a buyers package for Anilox, Wiper and/or Feed Rolls. Many of our customers send in Anilox rolls with Wiper rolls because of our discount package rates. Don’t you deserve to save thousands of dollars every year? There is nothing like experience. TRC offers both manufacturing and restoration of Rubber and Anilox rolls coupled with decades of experience. Many “newborns” (companies who have only recently started trying to do rubber rolls) are still learning on your rollers, costing you more than just downtime. These “newborns” often offer upfront discounts while failing to deliver quality and service. Protect your downtime, overtime and production miss-start costs by using the most well-known and experienced company for both applications.

Mechanical & Laser Engraving:

Thistle Rollers Company offers mechanically or laser engraved rolls covered with ceramic or chrome. If your industry is in Flexible Packaging, Tag & Label or Direct Print Corrugated we have all your screen and volume guidelines. Call for free information (562) 948-3705.

Manufacturing an Anilox Roll:

  • Thistle Roller will draw a print from your roll or use a suitable blueprint
  • D.O.M. tubing is purchased to with correct thickness specs
  • Tube is machined concentrically and balanced
  • Journals and end plates are manufactured / installed
  • Grind roll face within tolerance of Runout specifications. (.001” standard)
  • Roll face is ready for engraving: Laser or Mechanical options
  • Superfinish roll to specs (an important stage for roll uniformity)
  • Prepare roll for Chrome or Ceramic / Cover to spec
  • Apply Anti-Corrosive Sealant

    Thistle Roller Company will manufacture any Anilox roll to OEM specs. If you need references call Now! Our references will include, but are not limited to, OEM’s, Engineering Companies or other Flexo users.