Anilox Cleaning

Our crystal cleaning media applied with a low pressure cleaning system gently removes dried solvent or water based ink deposits on Anilox rolls, significantly reducing shadowing and camouflaging caused by other methods. The cleaning media breaks down into microfine particles and blasts the dried ink from the interior of the Anilox cells. Saving you downtime and saving your company money on premature engraving costs. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to re-engrave rolls because of clogged cells? After all, a laser roll is expensive and is expected to provide quality printing over a long period of time. Do not shorten the life expectancy of your roll through neglect or abuse. Furthermore, our crystal cleaning process is the most efficient cleaning technique available. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Out performs manual cleaning methods
  • Effective, gentle cleaning On or Off-press
  • No outer diameter or face length limitations
  • Restores optimum ink volumes without cell damage
  • No mess/ No dust
  • Narrow web roll cleaning
  • Self contained cleaning unit
  • Completely automated
  • No water used nor needed
  • Less re-engraving costs
  • Excellent for Anilox and Glue rolls
  • No other roller company offers this service!!!

Call your customer service rep for more information on pick-up and delivery or On-site facility cleaning arrangements. Maintenance contracts available for Anilox cleaning and/or/with Anilox engraving - laser or mechanical - if needed. We will customize any maintenance program that will suit your needs - service and price!

For Anilox Cleaning Machine Sales Call: (323) 685-5322 Ext. 118