Hard Chrome

Thistle Roller Company (TRC) specializes in all chrome requirements such as: chrome rolls, cylinders, rods, rams and shafts. We provide high quality hard chrome (68 - 70+ Rockwell C) that can be built-up to your desired thickness. Many chrome parts are used to provide a specific function, which require characteristics such as: hardness, chemical inertness, abrasion resistance, corrosion, and the need for high polishes up to 1 Ra. All Chrome is tested for dry abrasion, resistance to lubricated sliding wear, engine wear and corrosion resistance.

Cylindrical Chroming and Grinding:

TRC Chroming encompasses a Four-Stage process, which includes: pre-grind, thickness specs for chrome build-up and Ra. Finish requirement with a final precision grind (TRC Standard Max TIR tolerance of .001" or less). *This excludes any additional work under customer specifications.

Thistle Roller Company is the West Coast leader in Chroming and Precision Roll grinding. In order to achieve our stature it takes more than having a chrome tank and a grinder in-house. Does your roll cylinder have: chrome problems, chatter marks, spiral lead lines, grain pits, somewhat of a crown, variation of finishes or Tir. Problems? Consider contacting us for FREE QUOTES and Volume Discounts. At Thistle Roller you will benefit from 45+ years of experience, precision grinding, quality products, impeccable service, professionalism, and much more.

Roll Grinding:

TRC achieves a precision grind by supporting between machined centers or on bearing surfaces. All journals are inspected in order to have the best grind possible. The outside diameter is then precision ground to tolerance (pre and after grind). Before grinding, it is important to check wall thickness because of various roll constructions, deflection characteristics and the type of metal material.


HVOF Coating Technology: Chromium carbide and Tungsten Carbide:

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is a High-Tech coating process now available. HVOF systems will most likely replace chrome plating in the near future. This system is suited for commercial applications that spray tungsten carbide or chromium carbide coatings. The benefits are overwhelming:


  • Thickness of 50 mils - usually difficult for plating
  • HVOF build-up process protects base metals
  • HVOF plating very quick - Chrome plating is slower
  • HVOF tungsten carbide 5X more wear resistant than hard chrome
  • HVOF process has no size limitations - chrome tanks do
  • HVOF coating can be do at "Your Location"

Please call for more detailed information.